About Immigrant Centre



Please see our 2014 Annual Report and our staff directory.

Last year was an historic and significant anniversary for the Immigrant Centre, 65 years of delivering quality, innovative Immigration and Settlement Services to allow immigrants to connect, integrate, and fully participate in Canadian Society. Last year we helped almost 17,000 clients seeking immigration and settlement assistance. At our front reception we are averaging an amazing 4000 calls a month – that’s a call every 2 minutes!

Along with a staff of 35, who between them speak over 20 languages and have a combined 200 years of experience working at Immigrant Centre, our organization could not offer the services it does, without the expertise and commitment of our BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

What did immigration look like look 66 yeas ago? In 1946 a total of 71,719 immigrants came to Canada, of which 4,615 came to Manitoba. A higher percentage than in the next few decades as many were looking for farm land.

Of these newcomers arriving in Canada just after the Second World War, 51,408 came from the United Kingdom, 11,469 came from the United States and just 8,842 came from other countries. Compare that to 2011/2012 when a total of 50 different languages were requested of our translators and interpreters, with the greatest numbers being for Spanish, written Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Punjabi and Mandarin.

Between 2006 and 2011, 64,000 newcomers arrived in Manitoba alone. As the Province of Manitoba strives to attract 20,000 immigrants to settle here annually by 2016, we expect even more growth and demand for programs and services at the Centre.

Just as immigrants often have to adapt and even reinvent themselves to thrive in their new home, innovation is not a choice for the Not-For-Profit agencies that help them, it is a necessity. When it comes to meeting client’s needs in a timely, effective and accountable manner, the Immigrant Centre prides itself in its collaborative partnerships.

We are constantly looking at various initiatives to ensure that newcomers are not marginalized. We create an environment that is welcoming and embraces diversity, while working with well over 50 organizations across Manitoba.

The quality of our services, not only in providing practical support, but also the emotional caring and concern that is so vital to newcomers in their transitional period, is now being recognized nationally. A CIC consultant recently studied our centre as part of a Best Practices in Immigrant Services research study and twice in the last 3 years, the Immigrant Centre has been a finalist in the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Winnipeg Awards.