Another Successful IC STAR Service Training!

Another Successful IC STAR Service Training!

Congratulations to our clients that completed the IC STAR Service Training on February 15th!  

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New Tool Simplifies Evaluation of Newcomers’ Supply Chain Skills

  The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council recently added functionality to its Connector Skills-Matching Tool.   […]

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Patricia Lima Rocha – System Analyst

Name: Patricia Lima Rocha Country of Origin: Brazil Job Title: System Analyst Employer: CSSI How […]

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Muriel Sergio Karpuchi – Assistant General Manager

Name: Muriel Sergio Karpuchi Country of Origin: Brazil Date Hired: September, 02, 2016 Job Title: […]

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Kathianna Pacheco – Business Affairs Assistant

Name: Kathianna Pacheco Country of Origin: Brazil Date Hired:  22nd August, 2016             […]

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Hadid Musa – Immigrant Support Worker, Transition Worker (EIA)

Name: Hadid Musa Country of Origin: Eritrean, (born and lived in Sudan). Date Hired: 10 […]

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Brenda Liu – Web Editor

Name: Brenda Liu Country of Origin: China  Date Hired: March 1th,2017 Job Title: Web Editor […]

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Aline Aoun Sapienza – Office Administrator/Travel Consultant

Name: Aline Aoun Sapienza Country of Origin: Brazil Date Hired:  February 6, 2017 Job Title: […]

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Zaheer-ud-din B Mirza – Sales Consultant

Name: Zaheer-ud- din B Mirza Country of Origin: Pakistan, U.A.E (born brought up) Date Hired: […]

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Yingwei – Health Care Aide

Name: Yingwei Country of Origin: China Date Hired: November 2016 Job Title: Health Care Aide […]

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