“I should not give up; I still need to take care of my sons. I can not destroy my sons’ future.”

“I should not give up; I still need to take care of my sons. I can not destroy my sons’ future.”

Communications volunteer, Max, recently interviewed Rose who moved from Hong Kong to Winnipeg 20 years ago. Rose shared with Max the many ups and downs she experienced on her journey to become a Canadian.

My name is Max. I am a new immigrant in Canada. I living in Winnipeg, I like this city; I think it is very charming. I know that life is not easy for everyone. Arthur Schopenhauer said that “A certain amount of care or pain or trouble is necessary for every man at all times. A ship without ballast is unstable and will not go straight.” Thus some immigrants’ stories could make more and more immigrants who are working hard and hopeless feel a sense of purpose again!

Rose is a 48 years old normal woman. She came from Hongkong. She is a pious Christian. 20 years ago, along with her husband and her son who was five years old, she immigrated to Canada. Her husband had a factory in Dongguan China, she needed to take care of her son for living and studying in Canada, and then she decided live in Canada with her son. Her husband needed to work in Dongguan. They only could see each other twice per year. One time she would bring her son back to China for Ching Ming Festival. One time her husband would come to Canada during Christmas vacation. Even if her life was not easy, she needed to work very hard for her son and also much missed her husband, she felt very happy, because she hoped after several years, her family would be living in Canada together.

After 5 years, with a second son born in Canada, she worried about her husband will change his mind, because they did not live together very often. Thus she sold the house and car, returned to China. Time passed very quickly, her second son also old enough for studying, and then Rose decided to move to Canada again. She felt if two of her sons could study together in Canada will be better and maybe they could have a better future in Canada. She replied the life as first time again. Her husband and her continued living in two countries and could not see each other often again. After 5 more years, she discovered her husband already had a lover and children in China. Suddenly, she lost her passion for family reunion; she was very upset and helpless. She understood some things when she was reading the bible with many people in church. Divorce was the only way she could do. Therefore she divorced with her husband. Even she divorced with her husband, but it could not fix the pain in her heart, because women will feel more painful from divorce. She felt upset and cry often, then she got hyperplasia, she needed to be operated on in the hospital. After her first son knew that, he could not concentrate on his studying, thus his marks were worse and worse. He worried too much and brooding all the time, almost the school wanted to throw him out. That moment was the hardest time for Rose, but she believed her faith and she said for herself: “I should not give up; I still need to take care of my sons. I can not destroy my sons’ future.” Thus, after she went out from the hospital, she communicated with teachers and principal of school. Then her son could continue his studying the school. She felt very lucky, because the school understood her families’ condition and they would like to give her son one more opportunity, she appreciated about that.

She worked really hard for her family. Daytime, she needed to take care of two sons, she also made time to take the high school English classes and some courses about office assistant. She remembered a saying:  “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Thus, she held on until now.

Finally, she found a job as an office assistant in a company. She thought that is the gift from god. In fact, she already did not work for 20 years. She got confident from this a lot, because it means a lot for her and she found her position in society again. She also became the good example for her sons, she could let her sons understanding even sometimes life will be terrible and hard, but never give up and lose confident for everything. Currently, her first son already finished the degree in University. Her second son is growing up very happy and her life is stable and better and better.

In my opinion, from this story, we can see that life is not fair for everyone, but if people can always believe what they believe and never give up, they must can find their position in every society!

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