Immigrant Centre Employment Services

Immigrant Centre Employment Services


We specialize in assisting newcomers with CLB 4 and under.  While we strive to help our clients plan for long-term goals, our focus is to get our clients their first job in Canada and/or entry-level employment while they work on their language and skills.  


Who can we assist?


Permanent Residents: Refugees, Family Class, MPNP Nominees, Economic Class. etc. 

Valid Open Work Permit Holders: Refugee Claimants, International Students/Spouses, etc. 

Nationalized Citizens: Still needing specialized support



How do we help our clients?

Services are administered according to our clients individual needs.

All clients receive a one-on-one assessment and action plan with resume assistance which leads to registration in small half-day workshops or one-on-one appointments with their Employment Facilitator for Job Search, Interview Preparation and Canadian Workplace Culture training and support.  Clients may have additional follow up appointments according to their needs.


Job leads are given out regularly and employer events, tours and visits are held weekly. The majority of our clients are employed within 90 days.


Additional Employment Readiness Training is also available:

  • Food Handler*

  • CPR and Emergency First Aid*

  • Customer Service*

  • Commercial Cleaning*

  • WHMIS*

*Restrictions apply – ask your Employment Facilitator for details.


Our diverse Employment Team speaks 18 languages:

  1. Amharic = አማርኛ

  2. Arabic = عربى

  3. Bilen = ብሊን

  4. English = English

  5. Farsi/Persian = فارسی

  6. French = Français

  7. Hindi = हिंदiी

  8. Japanese = 日本語

  9. Kurdish = Kurdî

  10. Kurmanji =  Kurmancî

  11. Punjabi = ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

  12. Russian = русский

  13. Spanish = Español

  14. Swahili = Swahili

  15. Tigre = ትግረ

  16. Tigrigna = ትግርኛ

  17. Urdu = اردو

  18. Yoruba = Yoruba

How do clients register?


Register for services by visiting Immigrant Centre at 100 Adelaide Street.  

Please bring your Permanent Resident card, landing papers, proof of citizenship or a copy of your work permit depending on your current status in Canada.  


For more information, contact Amie Membreno, Manager of Employment Services at or call (204) 943-9158.