Immigrant Centre hosted another successful job fair!

Immigrant Centre hosted another successful job fair!

On August 22, Immigrant Centre hosted its annual job fair in which over 800 newcomers attended looking to tap into the Canadian labour market. There were 25 employers and exhibitors in attendance also. This job fair was open to ALL immigrants regardless of the organization supporting them with their job search. We feel very proud to be a community partner and would like to thank all other organizations and individuals for their referrals and helping us make this year’s fair another great success.

Stay tuned for next year’s fair sometime in August 2015  as we welcome more immigrants to Manitoba!

We would like to thank and give credit to our volunteer photographer: Alex Guimba!

Here are some pictures of the event for you to enjoy!NFC_3623 NFC_3615 NFC_3610 NFC_3609 NFC_3606 NFC_3585 NFC_3577 NFC_3578 NFC_3573 NFC_3571 NFC_3570 NFC_3567 NFC_3565 NFC_3564 NFC_3562 NFC_3558 NFC_3557 NFC_3553 NFC_3549 NFC_3550 NFC_3545 NFC_3543 NFC_3539 NFC_3541 NFC_3536 NFC_3528 NFC_3521 NFC_3515 NFC_3513 NFC_3503 NFC_3499 NFC_3495 NFC_3497 NFC_3498 NFC_3494 NFC_3491 NFC_3488 NFC_3490 NFC_3483 NFC_3477 NFC_3482 NFC_3478 NFC_3475 NFC_3473 NFC_3471 NFC_3467 NFC_3466 NFC_3470 NFC_3463 NFC_3459 NFC_3460 NFC_3451 NFC_3450 NFC_3446 NFC_3444 NFC_3442 NFC_3438 NFC_3424 NFC_3421 NFC_3418 NFC_3407 NFC_3397 NFC_3389 NFC_3384 NFC_3385 NFC_3378 NFC_3376 NFC_3373 NFC_3372 NFC_3369

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