Q & A with “awesome, hardworking” Immigrant Centre Client

Q & A with “awesome, hardworking” Immigrant Centre Client


Immigrant Centre client Dusanka Markov with her new employer Belinda Bigold at High Tea Bakery, 2103 Portage Avenue


When did you move to Winnipeg Dusanka?  

We arrived in Toronto on 2nd May 2011 and came to Winnipeg two days later on the 4th May 2011.

What is your country of origin?


What services did you use at Immigrant Centre?

We went to Intake Services, and to a Conversation Group with a nice volunteer called Paul. Then we met with Amie in employment – she helped me and my husband to write a resume and prepare for interview. We met with her 2 or 3 times  and talked to her on the phone and sent emails.

She helped my husband to get  job in computer programming at Northwest Company.

I went for  job as cake decorator at Sobeys but they said I didn’t have enough English to talk to customers to get orders, so I was working only cutting fruit and vegetables at Sobeys. Amie told me about the job here at High Tea Bakery.

What do you do at High Tea Bakery?

I make dough, roll cookies, sometimes icing, bake cookies.

What makes you most excited to go to work in the morning?

These are different recipes from in Serbia, different methods, I learn a lot of new things, it’s very friendly like family.

What was your previous experience working in a bakery in Croatia?

I made cakes and the flowers or small sugar animals to go on cakes. I decorated cakes.

Was this the kind of life you dreamed of when you moved to Canada?

Yes! We are here one year and we both have jobs using our experience and now we have just bought our first house.

Your story is an inspiration for so many of our clients. What would be your advice for someone struggling to find a job that uses their work experience and skills?

Try everything. Go to the Immigrant Centre for resume and to prepare for interview, do lots of internet research.

Belinda, why did you choose to use the Employment Services at Immigrant Centre to hire a new member of your team?

I met Linda Lalande, the Immigrant Centre Executive Director,  at the Share our Strength Taste of the Nation event. She said if we were ever looking for someone to work for us we should contact Immigrant Centre, so I did.

Would you use them again?


What is the most important thing that Dusanka brings to High Tea Bakery?

She’s awesome, hardworking, and exacting and does a wonderful job at everything she does. She’s very friendly and talented and although she has started on doughs and baking, we will definitely move her onto fine sugar paste work and decorating in the future.


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