Recruitment Services for Employers

Immigrant Centre is building relationships with Manitoba Employers in need of qualified employees. Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, we would be delighted to work with you!

All recruitment services are free.


Recruitment Services:

  • Free job advertisements

  • Monthly employer forums and presentation with space to hold interviews

  • Annual Job Fair

  • Pre-screening of qualified candidates


Training Support for Newcomer Employees

  • Translation of Employer Training Manuals*

  • Interpretation Services for new employees with lower English skills*

*Some fees may apply



Farima Afaq

Employer Liaison

(204) 943-9969 Ext 238 // (204) 770-8280 


Helpful Links for Manitoba Employers


Webinars Helpful to Employers:


Employer Toolkits:


Wage Subsidy Programs:

  • Canada Job Grant  Up to $10,000 per employee to help cover the cost of training

  • Career Focus Funding to hire young people if you can give them useful work experience.


Other Occupation/Field Specific Wage Subsidy Programs:

Other Financing Programs to Help Businesses in Manitoba:

  • Grants and financing  Learning about the different types of financing that are available for new businesses.


Business Development Organizations:


Staff Training, Safety and Government Organizations: