Access English Centre (AEC)


The Access English Centre (AEC) offers newcomers the opportunity to practice their English language skills in a conversational setting.
Volunteer Facilitators receive training and ongoing support from the AEC team to provide conversation groups to adult EAL learners.

AEC Volunteer Orientation

(photo) AEC Volunteer Orientation/Training Session

Conversation Groups are offered to EAL learners of all levels at various times during the week and focus on topics of interest and importance to adult newcomers.

The Access English Centre welcomes newcomers to Manitoba:

- Who are waiting to enter a formal EAL class
– Who want to supplement their learning
– Who are not eligible or not currently attending Manitoba Adult EAL programs

The AEC volunteer team range from students and full-time workers, who are willing to spare some time, to retired and experienced teachers eager to keep themselves busy doing what they love most. The AEC staff members ensure that every volunteer has a rewarding experience.

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