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AEC Volunteers Gathered – Winter 2019 Term


The Access English Centre Volunteer team met to focus and plan their approach for the AEC winter season. The AEC Program Manager coordinated the event where volunteers worked with two EAL teachers on effective strategic plan to better facilitate their EAL classes at the Centre.  Tools on how to deliver, design, illustrate, and facilitate adult EAL conversation groups were the major components of the meeting. AEC Volunteers

Adult MB EAL Volunteer Workshops  – Winter 2015

Adult EAL Volunteer Workshops

The seasonal Adult EAL Volunteer Workshops were again offered at the Immigrant Centre Manitoba. The Workshops were focused to all volunteers in the province and included updates, ideas, resources, and techniques that help volunteers working with adult EAL learners. More than 200 on-line registrations from all over Manitoba showed the high level of interest from Volunteers. Thank you all for taking part of this event!  A new edition will be offered during the month of June 2015.


RBC Meeting at the AECJune 25 2013 RBC Mosaic at the Immigrant Centre 030

Representatives from Royal Bank of Canada, RBC, had the opportunity to meet using the Access English Centre, AEC, facilities here at the Immigrant Centre. The committee had the chance to bring more than 50 employees and to showcase the RBC Mosaic Diversity Program.
MOSAIC is an employee resource group that provides peer support through networking, mentoring and coaching for all employees interested in increasing the awareness and understanding of diversity among the RBC community. They also create opportunities for employees who are visible minorities and new to Canada to network, grow, and increase a sense of belonging. Members support RBC’s business and enterprise diversity strategy and priorities associated with new business, recruitment and retention of employees.

Adult MB EAL Volunteer Workshops at Immigrant Centre                                  

Adult EAL Volunteer Workshops are again being offered at Immigrant Centre. Workshops are open to all Volunteers in Manitoba. If you work with Volunteers, please pass this information on.

Workshops include updates, ideas, resources, and techniques that will help volunteers working with adult EAL learners. Attendees can choose to attend either the Wednesday or the Saturday workshop as each workshop is offered twice per week.

For more details, including how to register, please read the schedule.

Space is limited so register soon!

Spring/Summer 2013 Volunteer Training Schedule

AEC team presents workshop at the University of St. Boniface


The AEC Program Manager, Walter Luzzi, had the opportunity to facilitate the workshop “How to Empower EAL Volunteers”. This presentation was as part of the annual Adult Language Training conference held this past February 21, 2013 at the Université de Saint-Bonifce. This year’s conference was untitled “Empowering Adult Learning”.

Almost 40 attendees had the opportunity to learn what the Access English Centre (AEC) does to recruit, train, motivate and retain volunteers for the program. As well as discover tips to keep volunteers happy, motivated and actively involved.

Many EAL organizations represented in the audience shared their appreciation for all the ideas shared by the AEC team during this workshop.


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Three Immigrant Centre’s Volunteers Honoured

The annual Volunteer Appreciation event took place on December 8, 2012 at the Access English Centre. This was an opportunity for volunteers to share a relaxed moment with their peers after a year of rewarding volunteer experience.

In this gathering we honoured three volunteers who have brought 10 years of services to the organization. Lena Johnson, Ivan Wilson, and Monty Lomow received a commemorative frame from the Executive Director of the Immigrant Centre to thank them for all the hard work and strong commitment throughout a decade of volunteer job.

From right to left: I.C Executive Director Linda Lalande, Volunteers Lena Johnson and Iva Wilson, and AEC Coordinator Walter Luzzi