Are You Eligible For Services?

Information for Service Providers and Clients

 We are proud to announce that through an expanded and innovative network of diversified funding we can now serve:

  • All Newcomers who have a Permanent Resident Card including Government Assisted Refugees (GARS), Joint Assisted  Refugees (JAS) and Privately Sponsored Refugees (PSR)
  • Temporary Residents Including Temporary Foreign Workers
  • International Students
  • Visitors
  • Canadian Citizens

We thank our Funders and Partners who have worked with the Immigrant Centre to reduce service barriers, making Winnipeg a centre of excellence for newcomers, particularly in supporting new Immigrant Workers’ family members. All research shows that the earlier a newcomer receives settlement supports the better the long term integration outcomes will be. Or as we say at the Immigrant Centre: “The Better the Start, The Better the Future!”

Click the image below to see what you should bring with you on your first visit to Immigrant Centre Manitoba.