Are You Eligible For Services


Information for Service Providers and Clients

This has been transition year for the Immigrant Centre, from Provincially-coordinated to direct Federal Government Funding via Citizenship and Immigrantion Canada (CIC). We are proud to announce that through an expanded and innovative network of diversified funding we can now serve:

  • All Newcomers who have a Permanent Resident Card including Government Assisted Refugees (GARS), Joint Assisted  Refugees (JAS) and Privately Sponsored Refugees (PSR)
  • Temporary Residents Including Temporary Foreign Workers
  • International Students
  • Visitors
  • Canadian Citizens

We thank our Funders and Partners who have worked with the Immigrant Centre to reduce service barriers, making Winnipeg a centre of excellence for newcomers, particularly in supporting new Immigrant Workers’ family members. All research shows that the earlier a newcomer receives settlement supports the better the long term integration outcomes will be. Or as we say at the Immigrant Centre: “The Better the Start, The Better the Future!”

Click the image below to see what you should bring with you on your first visit to Immigrant Centre Manitoba.