Volunteer of the Month: Amanda Nguyen

In the short time since she joined the Immigrant Centre, Amanda Nguyen has been a valuable addition to the Language Services Department. Fluent in both Vietnamese and French, she volunteers as a Translator for the Centre’s Language Bank.

When I met with Amanda, she has just finished an Interpreter assignment at a school. Volunteering has been a great opportunity she says. “It gives me a lot of motivation and I have a chance to understand and know about life here. Rosa (the Language Bank Manager) has been so helpful and kind.”

Amanda studied English for four years at the University of Foreign Studies in Vietnam. She would later study Economics in France.  In Vietnam, Amanda worked at the Institute of Marine Geology and Physics, where her ability to converse in English was necessary for communicating with international collaborators.

Since arriving in Winnipeg two years ago, Amanda has completed her Master’s Degree in Natural Resource Management from the TH Koln University, which she started before moving to Canada.  Her goal is to eventually find a job in her field and have a successful life in Canada for herself and her family.