Volunteer of the Month: Carole Homuth

Carole Homuth began volunteering three years ago after she was introduced to the Immigrant Centre (IC) by Rosi Larcombe, an IC volunteer of many years.

Carole volunteers at Citizenship Ceremonies. She is one of the “Ladies in Red” who greet the soon-to-be new citizens when they arrive, direct them to where they need to be and help them find their assigned seats.

Citizenship Ceremonies can very busy. Some days there can be about 80 new citizens, and ceremonies are often held three times a week on mornings and afternoons; however, Carole who volunteers at the afternoon ceremonies, quite enjoys being part of the experience.

The Immigrant Centre is not the only place where Carole volunteers though; she also teaches English to new immigrants at the Salvation Army’s English Café.

Born in Fort Frances, Ontario, Carole is half Scottish half Indigenous. She moved to Winnipeg in the 1970s so that her five children could have access to better education. Her children are all certified, educated professionals she says proudly, and shares that she lost her daughter a few years ago to MS.

A former chef and retired painter, she proudly showed off some of her amazing postcards, all painted and designed by her. An extremely talented artist, her acrylic paintings demonstrate different aspects of Indigenous life such as nature and animals, all painted delicately with pure colours.


Photo and story by Nafiseh Rezaii Salim. Edited by Ann Mohammed