Volunteer of the Month: Cathy Finnbogason

Cathy Finnbogason

Cathy Finnbogason

Cathy Finnbogason has volunteered at the Immigrant Centre as a One-to-One EnglishTutor for over one year. A dedicated and committed volunteer, Cathy has worked with 5 students since she started at the Centre in November 2014.

Cathy learned about the Immigrant Centre’s volunteer program from our website  and decided to apply for a position as a One-to-One English Tutor. “I had time and wanted to do something positive.”

Through the One-to-One English Tutor program, clients are matched with volunteers who help them develop their English language skills. The pair then meet once a week for an hour and a half over a three month period.

Cathy credits her love of the study of language and her personal experience learning another language for wanting to help newcomers learn English.  “I am learning French” she says “so I know what it is like to learn another language.” About her volunteer experience at the Immigrant Centre she says, “It’s been great. The support is good, the staff are friendly and the students are enthusiastic.”

The Immigrant Centre thanks you Cathy for your time and dedication.   Without volunteers like you, the Centre would not be able to offer program such as the One-to-One English Tutor program free of charge to clients.