Volunteer of the Month: Dorin C. Adenekan

When you meet Dorin C. Adenekan her passion for her work is immediately evident.  Since July 4, 2016 Dorin has been completing the practicum requirement for her degree in Social Work under the guidance of Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Worker (NISW) Coordinator, Roselyn Advincula.

Originally from Nigeria, Dorin has lived in Winnipeg for just three years. She already has a degree in Industrial Math from Nigeria, but soon after arriving in Winnipeg she decided to return to university. “I really wanted to define who I was” she says “and what better way to do this.”

Dorin started off in the Family Social Sciences program at the University of Manitoba but her goal was to eventually transfer to Social Work.  After getting into the Social Work program, and knowing that she would have to complete a practicum, Dorin considered many options including working with Aboriginal women and supporting newcomers and children.

The need to notarize a letter brought her to the Immigrant Centre.  On that day, Dorin had no intention to look for practicum opportunities at the Immigrant Centre. She, however, recalled that an assignment during her first year in Social Work, in which she stated that her goal is to work at the Immigrant Centre.  At the time, it was not really something that she had given a lot of thought to and she contemplated whether doing her practicum here would simply be a way to demonstrate that she fulfilled her goal and validate her own theories.

There were after all, opportunities to do her practicum elsewhere. She could opt for an office position doing casework; however, wanting to understand the social aspects of life, she felt that choosing to do fieldwork over casework would be an opportunity to “teach oneself while applying theory.”

Dorin decided to meet with Roselyn Advincula who accepted her as a practicum student. 840 hours later, Dorin feels that she made the right decision to do her practicum in settlement services. In a note to the Immigrant Centre, Dorin says:

“I want to thank Immigrant Centre for providing me with real-time experience in areas of settlement services to newcomers.

The staff members at Immigrant Centre are a very diverse team and they are accommodating, and always willing to answer questions.

Through my practicum, I have been able to gain direct experiences in the area of understanding the dynamics of newcomers, and the essence of promoting and mobilizing community resources in enabling positive transition.

As a new immigrant myself, my practicum at Immigrant Centre, provided me with the exposure I needed to understanding dynamics of newcomers in a multicultural city and the opportunity of applying Social Work theories in my direct work with families/groups.

As a mother, the settlement programs in the communities provided me with flexible hours to accommodate my schedules. I worked weekdays or weekends, days or evenings.

Dorin with her mentor Roselyn Advincula

Dorin with her mentor Roselyn Advincula

My mentor with Immigrant Centre: Roselyn Advincula (Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Worker Coordinator).

Just like the fascinating researchers who put in so much effort to publish articles/journals/books to aid people understanding Roselyn is selfless with her knowledge sharing.

She trusts me to do my best with individuals/groups/communities without doubting my abilities, or having to fear that I would make a mess.

Her wealth of experience and good works are infectious…and great for learning purposes, especially in the Human Service profession…Indeed, my choice of placement with Immigrant Centre, has been like a marriage made in heaven.

I am grateful.

Thanks again.
Dorin Chinyere Adenekan”

Dorin will graduate from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Social Work in May 2017 and we at the Immigrant Centre wish her all the best in her future endeavours. Congratulations Dorin!