Volunteer of the Month: Ghada Hassan

Since she was referred by a friend almost a year ago, Ghada Hassan has proved herself to be invaluable to the Immigrant Centre’s Language Bank, where she volunteers as a Translator.

As a Language Bank Translator, most of her work involves checking translated documents for clients. Occasionally however, Ghada is asked to translate documents from Arabic to English, and even though this can be a more difficult process than checking documents and interpreting, it is a challenge that she gladly accepts.

“Working with documents is much more challenging. You need to be very accurate and keep the meaning in context. I love it because I am inspired to achieve goals and I feel satisfied when I do.”

Ghada’s attention to detail has not gone unnoticed, as she is often specifically requested by other agencies because of her work ethic and professionalism, particularly at medical clinics due to her knowledge of medical terminology. In Egypt, Ghada was a doctor. She currently is a Youth Facilitator at the Needs Centre, and on weekends, works as a Food Handler Course Facilitator.

An avid ready who has written several children’s books, Ghada’s dream is to someday become a film director, a career that she contemplated before deciding to go to medical school. She hopes to one day pursue studies in animation and produce her own film. “I already have the script and character” she says with a smile.