Volunteer of the Month: Ingrid Price

Ingrid Price has been an Immigrant Centre volunteer for over 10 years. She started out back when the Centre was located on Edmonton Street, helping her friend Rosi, who at the time was teaching English to newcomers.

For the past five years though, Ingrid has been one of the “Ladies in Red” who volunteer at citizenship ceremonies.  “It’s an honour and a blessing to be able to share this day with the new citizens, because to them it’s so special. It’s just an amazing time. I love it”

Volunteering at citizenship ceremonies soon became a family affair when Ingrid talked her husband David into joining her. With David on board, a name change was needed so the “Ladies in Red” became “The Ladies and Gent in Red”. Sadly, David passed away last October and his presence is very missed.

The Immigrant Centre is not the only place fortunate enough to have this amazing volunteer. Ingrid also volunteers at several organizations around the city including Manitoba Theatre Centre, The Meeting Place, Rainbow Stage and The Warehouse Theatre just to name a few.

“I enjoy interacting with people and talking to people” she smiles. “I find it exhilarating.”