Volunteer of the Month: Jojelyn Dimapilis


Jojelyn Dimapilis
Over 300 volunteer hours

Jojelyn Dimapilis had never heard of the Immigrant Centre before her friend Teresa Tiamsic suggested that they apply to do their practicum at the Centre. Now, after over 300 volunteer hours, Jojelyn is not only aware of the services and programs offered by the Immigrant Centre, but she experienced first-hand how they help newcomers “build connections.”

During her time at the Immigrant Centre, Jojelyn was involved with the Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Worker program, where together with Teresa, they developed a board game for the Handle with Care parenting program, researched programs for newcomers and assisted with the Immigrant Centre’s Job Fair for newcomers.

Jojelyn believes that the Immigrant Centre is a good resource for newcomers, especially those who unlike her, do not have relatives to support them and help them get settled in Winnipeg.