Volunteer of the Month: Maria Morales

Maria Morales

Maria Morales
Volunteer for 2 years

Maria Morales immigrated to Manitoba two years ago and has been volunteering at the Immigrant Centre as a Cooking and Nutrition Class Assistant for almost as long.

Maria first came to the Centre as a client to get a document translated. She later returned to see Employment Facilitator Amie Membreno, who assisted her with her resume and told her about the Centre’s volunteer program.  Maria decided to apply for a Cooking and Nutrition Class Assistant position and started right away.

Asked why she decided to volunteer, Maria sees it as a way of giving back. “It is good to help others,” she says “plus, I learned a lot about Canadian cooking and about other countries from people in the class.  I would recommend the Cooking and Nutrition Classes to anyone who is interested. You can make friends and learn about Canadian food culture.”

About her volunteer experience at the Centre, Maria says, “The Immigrant Centre is a very welcoming environment and I tell everyone about here. It’s so open; you can share experiences…that’s what I like.”

The Immigrant Centre thanks you Maria, for your time and dedication.