Volunteer of the Month: Teresa Tiamsic


Teresa Tiamsic
Over 400 volunteer hours

Teresa Tiamsic first came to the Immigrant Centre when she lost one of her immigration documents and needed to get a replacement. Teresa recalls how frantic she was that she had lost this important document, and how relieved she felt when she came to the Immigrant Centre and received help from Mirwais Nasiri, one of our Settlement Facilitators. Prior to this, Teresa had not heard of the Immigrant Centre; she had been living in Altona for three years before moving to Winnipeg.  Now she tells everyone about the Immigrant Centre. “Sometimes I meet people on the bus, other Filipinos and I tell them about the Immigrant Centre”.

After moving to Winnipeg, Teresa enrolled in the Addictions and Community Service Worker program at CDI College. When the time came to find an organization for her practicum, the Immigrant Centre  was at the top of her list, so she reached out to Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Worker Coordinator, Roselyn Advincula. Since starting in June, Teresa has accumulated over 400 volunteer hours at the Immigrant Centre. “As an Immigrant, I can relate to going through that period of adjustment, and figuring out how to become stable here in Canada and now, I have a passion to help others do the same.”